The Art of Being sounds like it should be the easiest thing there is. After all, that’s apparently what we ARE” human beings”and what we are entrusted with: life, that is “being,” as distinct from “non-being.” Still, for most humans, the simplicity of such a state seems to elude any grasp. Obsession with “having,” “doing” and “seeking” keep the world’s inhabitants busy from morning ‘til night.

For many, “the art of being” is not an issue. Or, if questioned, it occurs like a ridiculous and most obvious consideration. Still, for those who have entered a stream of wisdom teaching, “the art of being” may be a most challenging and seemingly unattainable goal. The factor that distinguishes how this “art” occurs for us seems to be the degree of self-observation that we bring to our lives.

Please join with sister pilgrims on the path of truth as we explore and celebrate together the great distinctions that form the foundation of this Art. Let’s consider together what it means to really “get” that I EXIST . . . I AM … ALIVE, HERE AND NOW . . . and the life transforming implications that such contemplation and celebration may bring.

Regina Sarah Ryan

James 4 H Camp at Mingus Springs, on Mingus Mountain. This retreat has space for 18 amazing women!

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